Take a breather

The day after the 4th of July is always a lazy day for me, no work, (well I’m still a mom) no chores, (I’m sure there are some, I just refuse to do them) nada. I lazy about, trying to recover from the late night before, talking in a tone that is probably too loud, but eh..my ears are still recovering as well. I decided to head to the woods, hang out in a lovely cabin near the water and relax.

I like hanging out in peaceful places, it helps me clear my head, collect my thoughts and gives my ears a chance to recalibrate to quieter sounds. I thought about quite a few things, what I was doing on the 4th of July five years ago, before I had my daughter.. what I’d be doing in 5 years from now. Where I’d like to go next year to see the same glittery fireworks I love so much. I realized thinking about the future was a bit much for my mind to handle so shortly after the spectacle the night before…so instead I just sat there, looked out at the water and took a deep breath.
What do you guys do on the 4th of July? For those that aren’t in the states, what is the 4th of July to you? How do you spend just another day?

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly
Hair: Maitreya – Moon
Top: Maitreya – Athena Sweater
Pants: Maitreya – Zipper Skinny Jeans
Feet/Hands/Eyelids: Slink
Location: Small Town Green


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

One thought on “Take a breather”

  1. Awesome :-) love the scene and pics and how you captured your thoughts in just a few words. The 4th of July doesnt have a special meaning in Europe, although we know ofcourse its a big thing over there… but, I love fireworks as well and we happen to have quit a few firework festivals during summer, so albeit for different reasons.. we might have been enjoying fireworks at the same time :-]

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