I am Queen

Ever wished you could be transported back in time to a certain era? I do, it would be hard to choose but more then that, I’d rather be transported to an alternate reality, where magic exists. I’ve been watching “Once upon a time” on Netflix lately and I’m just really in love with the whole idea and the story. The characters are those that I grew up loving (The Disney Princesses etc) but are portrayed in such a way that my adult self can really enjoy.

In Second Life you can often dress up as if you were from another dimension, another reality..there are many RP sims and some people just do it as part of a persona they’ve created. I’m semi boring in SL and don’t do any RPing or stay in a certain character, but I do however, LOVE to dress up in anything and everything. So I was really excited to see what Limited Bazaar had to offer this round. The theme for this round was all things Baroque (17th century). I immediately upon seeing the items TPed into [The Euphoria] sim and snatched up a few things before they sold out.


The first items I saw upon arrival were the Modern Couture “Antoinette” jewelry and tiara sets. I knew right away I had to have them both. They had that gorgeous Spanish Queen vibe as well as a fairytale kind of feeling to them. I also bought the Maxi Gossomer “Venetian Fortune Ring” (not pictured) mainly because I love rings, it is stunning and comes in 2 sizes.


I decided to pair the jewelry with the “Baroque Lady” mesh gown by AvaGirl. Absolutely incredible. The textures are sooo pretty and it’s fitted so well. The colors were just perfect and I could not pass up the chance to own it. After I was all dressed I had my friend rez me a few castles (uh because she’s the kind of person to have everything I need, seriously) so I could choose one to take photos in. I couldn’t decide which, but as I said..she has everything I need and chose the perfect spot for me..the inside was so amazing, I knew right away it would work.Image

I love this outfit, and I love how I feel wearing it. It really is a lot of fun to step outside your comfort zone..that boring space we all cling to now and then..and just go for it.
What sorts of things do you dress up as?

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly
Hair: Amacci – Gloria
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] – Rue eyes
Gown: AvaGirl – Baroque Lady @ Limited Bazaar
Jewelry: Modern Couture – Antoinette set @ Limited Bazaar


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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