Veggies please?

About a year ago (or more) my best friend went Vegetarian with the occasional meal including fish (sushi mostly). Almost every Monday evening, her and I would go on our Sushi dates..except now she tells me she’s not going to be eating fish anymore. As someone who eats just about anything (because I love the taste of good food) I always get mixed feelings about eating with someone who is purely Vegetarian or Vegan etc. I have known her for 20 years and I know her reasons for not eating any meat/animals etc…and while I don’t entirely agree with them, it’s never been an issue between us and it still isn’t mind you. I just hope she doesn’t look at me differently for still eating sushi (I don’t eat much meat other than chicken and even then it’s not frequent) I doubt she would because she honestly is the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life.
I do however find myself buying more veggies than I used to ever since she changed her eating habits, why just in March I did a 36 day juice fast (juiced fresh veggies) and lost several pounds ( I could do with losing quite a few more) but I did it more for the cleanse rather than just the weight was incredible. I had way more energy and felt happier, so I can see why she sticks with it. I don’t think I’ll ever give up some meats because if I don’t have a hamburger at least once in awhile..I’ll be very cranky. I felt so proud of myself when she came over the other day and I was able to offer her an actual Vegetarian meal that wasn’t just salad, she looked very pleased and thankful. I’d give my life for this girl, so why wouldn’t I accommodate her new eating habits? Are there people in your life you would work hard to change things for, if so what are the things you’ve changed or are trying to change to accommodate someone you love?


Glam Affair – Angelica – Europa -12
IKON – Ardent Eyes – Hazel
MINA Hair – Carlijn – Light brown @My Attic

Clothes & Shoes
Maitreya – Lux Sweater – Angora Grey
Emery – High Waisted Jeans – Debbie Medium
ISON – two tone wedge (sand) @Shoetopia

ASO! – Traveling necklace (bronze)
ASO! – PaperBag-02
1992 // Fur Fold Clutch (Grizzly) @Kustom9

ZZANG – Winter Calm


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