FATEplay, Wimey, and more @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds fair!

Hey guys! Bringing you some more Geeks ‘n’ Nerds fair items! As you all know and if you don’t, I’m reminding you now.. I am a proud Whovian (woooot) and this event had items that made me chair dance..my favorites being of course, all the Doctor Who inspired stuff. Okay before I get any geekier let’s get onto the pictures and details.
FATEplay put out some amazing Doctor Who cosplay, first pictured is the Rose Tyler cosplay called ‘Billie‘ in original. It was my first purchase at the event, duh! These outfits are incredible and so well made. Of course I had to buy the Amy Pond cosplay called ‘Karen‘ and I’m wearing it below in original. On both outfits I am wearing the ‘Long Haul Messenger‘ bags by *BOOM*.
There were so many choices when it came to those bags, and I’m pretty sure I bought all the Doctor Who themed ones..my wallet was crying for sure. My other favorite item were the ‘Raggedy Man‘ heels from fri. also at the event, they are made for the Slink (Medium) feet so be sure you have those before purchasing. I had to put on my ‘Mad Man‘ nailpolish by *~*Hopscotch*~* to complete my look.
Wimey put out the one item that every Whovian needs to have…a sonic screwdriver. It’s called ‘Sonically Screwed‘ and comes with a HUD to change the light color and switch the sounds on or off. Definitely an item you will see in future posts (muwahaha). Noodles is also at this event and put out some Doctor Who themed accessories. I’m wearing the ‘Mad Man’s’ necklace and headband, there is also a gacha for some Dalek inspired cups called ‘Exterminate Tumblers‘.

Phew. So there you have it, I am officially done with my posts for the event, but I will be stopping by again before it closes on the 8th of December to take some pictures of the incredible builds. Please be sure to head over before then and check out everything for yourself, whether you’re a Whovian or not, geek, nerd etc..it’s just an amazing collection of fun stuff. [TP]

On Rose Tyler
FATEplay – Billie – Original @Geeks’n’Nerds
[LeLutka] -TREND hair
*BOOM* – Long Haul Messenger Bag – Void Stuff @Geeks’n’Nerds

On Amy Pond
FATEplay – Karen – Original @Geeks’n’Nerds
/Wasabi Pills/ – Maya Mesh Hair @Geeks’n’Nerds
*BOOM* – Long Haul Messenger Bag – Bowties @Geeks’n’Nerds
fri. – Raggedy.Man Heels @Geeks’n’Nerds
Xanthe’s – Gallifreyan slink hand tattoo appliers

On Whovian
(Chemistry) Hair – Harlie – HUD.2
*BOOM* – Traveler Tee (Call Box)
*BOOM* – Long Haul Messenger Bag – Talk Box @Geeks’n’Nerds
{mon tissu} – Hanalei Shorts
Wimey – Sonically Screwed @Geeks’n’Nerds
Noodles – Mad Man’s Headband @Geeks’n’Nerds
Noodles – Mad Man’s Box Necklace @Geeks’n’Nerds
. Infiniti. – Shades of Pink – Fingernails


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