Ready for more makeup news? Good! Nox. is another incredible cosmetics store in Second Life with a variety of liners, blushes and lipsticks. One of my favorite things from Nox. would have to be the ‘Ombre blushes‘. I’ve never seen blush like these in Second Life before, they have a sort of shimmer to them that makes it look so fresh and realistic.
The ‘Noir liners‘ however have stolen the show for me, with eight different choices, there really is something for everyone. To me they have a sort of 60’s vibe, very mod and dramatic. I happen to be a huge fan of makeup from that time and these are exactly what everyone needs if they are looking for something to make their eyes pop.
Last item I’m going to cover in this post are the ‘Stacked liners‘. The Stacked liners are really cute and can add a little something more to your every day look, you can dress them up or dress them down. The outer corners have a double winged liner, the first part of the eyeliner is solid black and the stacked part is brightly colored liner that blends into another black wing/flick.
Needless to say, Nox. has an amazing collection of cosmetics and they are all definitely worth a look! TP over to Nox. [HERE] to grab some new makeup today!

From Left – Right, Top – Bottom

Nebula Liner – White
Nebula Liner – Blue
Nebula Liner – Red
Ombre Blush – Raspberry
Ombre Blush – Lemon
Ombre Blush – Tangerine

Noir Liner [Four] // Popsicle Lip – Red
Noir Liner [Three] // Popsicle Lip – Purple
Noir Liner [Five] // Popsicle Lip – Pink
Metallic Liner – Green
Metallic Liner – Purple
Metallic Liner – White

Spoopy Shadow – Pink
Spoopy Shadow – Orange
Spoopy Shadow – Teal
Stacked Liner – Purple
Stacked Liner – Green
Stacked Liner – Yellow


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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