Another round of Enchantment is open and the theme this round is Little Red Riding Hood’.
‘.Infiniti.’ released a single pose set called ‘Better to see you with’ mirrored versions are included and comes with a set of beautiful red nailpolishes for the slink hands.
One of my favorite accessories from the event has to come from ‘.Enfant Terrible.’ the gorgeous headpiece shown in the first photo is available at and exclusive to the event. ‘Bokeh’ also released an accessory/jewelry item(s) for this event, the medallion and ring will only be available at the Enchantment event and will not be sold again afterwards, so be sure to pick these up. They come with several options and necklace lengths.
Another pose from .Infiniti. available at Enchantment is a couples pose called ‘Blissfully Unaware’, (wolf not included). Aspara created a gown and cloak for the event and they were probably one of my favorite clothing items available, mainly because I love the fabric of the cloak, it reminded me so much of Ruby’s cloak from Once Upon a Time. You all know I’m a sucker for fairy tales and that show is amazing, so I was pleased to see Aspara’s gown and cloak!

More on Enchantment coming in another post.

1st Picture
Body & Accessories
Peqe – Riding Hood Ombre – Black @Enchantment
.Enfant Terrible. – Forest Flowers – Black/Red @Enchantment
Bokeh – Enchanting Red’s Medallion @Enchantment
Bokeh – Enchanting Red’s Ring @Enchantment

Pose: .Infiniti. – Better to see you with @Enchantment

2nd Picture
Body & Accessories
Apsara – Ruby Gown – Black Skirt @Enchantment
Apsara – Ruby Cloak @Enchantment

Pose: .Infiniti. – Blissfully Unaware @Enchantment



Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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