Hey lovelies,
Here to share some news on NEW shoes from! You know me, I’ve got to have my shoe fix and Darling Monday always comes through! Some recent releases from are the Maggie, Miranda and Jet heals. The Jet heals are currently at Collabor88+, they come in several AWESOME colors. I think the ‘Yellow‘ is my favorite followed by the special color called ‘Moondust‘ so be sure to swing by and grab a pair or two or all of them haha.
The ‘Miranda‘ and ‘Maggie‘ heels have been released in store in 10 different colors both which require Slink’s new ‘High Feet‘.
I was so skeptical about the high feet for awhile, because I don’t think feet should arch like that (ouch) and I would never or rather I could never wear heels like irl, but when Darling released her Miranda heels I was sold. These heels remind me sooo much of the heels Vera-Ellen wears in White Christmas during one of the many dancing scenes where she wears that gorgeous chiffon-ish pink dress. You know the ones, but if you don’t here’s a picture.
Sorry for the fuzziness of the picture, had to grab a still of it while watching and it’s not in HD yet (I hope they digitally restore it someday). She was like Barbie, and all the dresses and heels she wore…*sigh* they remind me a lot of Darling’s new heels and I LOVE THEM. Oh and the best news is, is having a SALE inworld right now until the 16th so you’d better get there quick!
Here’s your taxi [X]


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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