In the name of the moon…

I will tell you where to get all this incredibly cute stuff I’m about to show you!
So I grew up watching Sailor Moon and reading the manga and basically collecting any stickers/toys I could find…I was really into it. I loved them all and the idea of being able to change into an entirely different outfit by just shouting it lol, oh how I wish that worked now that I’m an adult with a kid who leaves me with little time to really dress myself how I’d like hahaha. Imagine “Momma prism power..Make up!” Yaaaay dressed for work/meeting/date (who has time to date) etc. Ahhh how simple life would be.

Well if you don’t know anything about Sailor Moon but still like super cute things, then you’ll be fine and definitely want to visit….THE CUTIE MOON FAIR!!! It’s an event thrown together by Pizza (octagons.yazimoto) who as you know…hosts quite a few amazing events already! So you know this one will be just as amazing, and it really is! The theme is dear to my heart and makes me feel super nostalgic..I even started re-watching them with my kid and it’s exciting to see her as excited as I was when I first watched it at her age.


There are a great number of incredible designers who came together and collaborated an item especially for this event! I was wowed by them all and I think you guys will be too! One of my obvious favorites was Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon and it wasn’t because she was the lead but mostly because her personality seemed to suit me at the time…she was clumsy, liked to sleep a lot..collected cute things and was a cry baby. Now I wasn’t a cry baby as a kid, but I was very emotional and often found myself tearing up or silly/sad things more often than other kids. I was VERY clumsy and sleep was my favorite thing…I still collect cute things to this day, but I think I’ve passed my clumsiness onto my kid. My dear friend sleep is hard to come by these days, but it’s still one of my favorite things to do haha.


I always imagined that if I met Usagi in her world we’d be good friends and I’d give anything to fight along side that blonde hair, blue eyed cry baby. Okay okay this post has done nothing but blab about my nostalgic days as a kid..SORRY! Onto the credits.

Cutie Moon Fair Items – blogged below[okkbye] – Rosie Skin – Sunlit – w/ all appliers
[okkbye] – Moon Bindi’s
“JIM” – Cute Usagi Slink Stockings
*MishMish* – Cutie Moon – Phone
*MishMish* – Cutie Moon – Computer
~_* Cooties  *_~ – Heart Pink Glitter Bow
~_* Cooties  *_~ – Moon Gold Clip
.tsg. – Compacts
Intrigue Co. – Cutie Moon Bobbles (Cutie Moon Exclusive)

You can find all of these items at the Cute Moon Fair. Have fun!


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