Quiet Moments


Sometimes I feel like the world is too loud. The little moments slip by unnoticed and all too soon it is time for bed. In bed I wait for the quiet to come and to my chagrin it does not. The dogs bark, the leaves rustle in the wind and the crickets come out to play. Even when the world settles and the dogs sleep, my mind is always at work. Racing with thoughts of tomorrow and a “To Do” list longer than I’d like it to be. I lie in wait of sleep to take me over, to pull me under and allow me a few hours of silence. It happens and I am unaware that I’ve fallen asleep, because the noise remains. I dream every night. Dreams can be so loud, loud enough that when I wake I feel as though I’ve not yet been asleep. Awake, I start my day with a noise I welcome most, her voice calling me out of my dreams “I’m hungry mommy” she says. I smile, roll over and kiss her nose “Of course you are your stomach has been waiting for hours”. The day starts and the noise is never ending.

I didn’t have much to write about this week, sorry. Thought I’d share a little of my mind with you all. Credits below.

Hair: Magika – Almonds
Accessories: B.C.C – Vintage Pom Pom Flower Set

Top: B.C.C Love Is You T-shirt daisy
Pants: The Secret Store – Rise Skinny Jeans – Candy

Shoes: Pure Poison – Daisy Sandals – Black (past arcade item)
Pose: ZZANG – Dreaming

Hands/Feet: Slink


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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