In dreams I see you


Zenith put out the prettiest dresses and accessories for Kustom9 this round. I love all things whimsical and fantasy like so this Tulip Bloom Unicorn Headband was just so perfect, it comes in 2 colors + there is a Chrysanthemum Sheep Headband  that comes in 2 colors and the Phase Dolly Dress comes in 6 different colors with 2 options each. I’m wearing the color Milk in both.
I had a lot of fun wearing this sweet outfit around SL, I decided to find a place just as whimsical and pretty to take pictures. I happened upon the BCC sim which had a makeover into this gorgeous cloud like world. It’s really so pretty, I definitely think you should explore and take pics before it’s changed again.


> C R E D I T S <

Hair > Hair 52 → Dark Mocha < Eaters Coma (kumii yoshikawa)
Skin > Doll v2 → Crystal < Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)
Mouth > Loud Mouth → Alli < Loud Mouth (brias stardust)
Body > Slink Physique < Slink (Siddean Munro)

Dress > Phase Dolly → Milk < Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) Kustom9
Head Accessory > Tulip Bloom Unicorn Headband → Milk < Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) Kustom9


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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