Pop of color

Hey! Ugh I have been so terrible at this lately, forgive me please I have good reasons. So I’m going to blog a few outfits/things today. First up being a little bargain outfit I put together using items from TDR/FLF (last week D: I know I’m sorry).
I had a lot of fun layering these pieces (which normally with mesh is kinda hard) but I managed it and the result was really cute! Kind of how I would wear dresses/sweaters in RL if Southern California had an Autumn. I couldn’t believe how pretty and REAL these Mochi flats from JD looked, definitely a new favorite. I’m wearing my favorite hair ‘Kaiside‘ from Damselfly, this updo is so pretty and what I would do with my hair irl if it were that long!

Oh man I saw the Glam Affair skin for FLF (last week) and decided not to pass it up. I haven’t been wearing GA skins for awhile now..probably not since June, I used to wear GA all the time. I just hadn’t been feeling it and they still didn’t have Loud Mouth appliers that matched skins I owned and I haven’t been without my LM for awhile now BUT I saw them release some for Rose and Artemis so I decided to grab one, though I’m wearing a different lipstick over it.

Alright on to the credits!

> C R E D I T S <

Hair > Kaiside → Dark Browns < Damselfly (TOmmy Fairplay & Shylah Honey)
Skin > Desert Rose → America < Glam Affair (aida Ewing) (PAST FLF)
Eyes > Celestial → Hazel < Buzzeri (eleri catlyn)
Ears > Hutuu → Simple Ears < Mandala (kikunosuke eel)
Mouth > Loud Mouth → Alli < Loud Mouth (brias stardust)
Lipstick > Blossom Lips Redux → Crush < #Adored (constance daehlie)

Sweater > Assorted Sweatshirts → Oh La La < Forever Young (hannah lacombe) TDRF
Dress > Lovely Dress → Blue < Overhigh (marry lemur) TDRF
Flats > Mochi Flats → Black/White < Just Design (davidefre) TDRF
Earrings > Swiss Cross Earrings → Silver < Herspherical (Kouralee) Kustom9
Rings > Gipsy Ring → Candy & Bluette < Glam Affair (amberly boccaccio) (PAST FLF)


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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