Loud Mouth – Danika Smile


Have you guys seen the newest Loud Mouth product? It is the most adorable mesh smile called ‘Danika’. I went and demo’d it right away and resized it quickly with the hud and positioned it where I liked it. I did have to change the shape I use for the Alli Loud Mouth a little bit to get the best fit possible for the Danika smile. If you’d like me to post my numbers and what I did to get a flawless fit let me know and I’ll add either update this post with that info or make a separate post. I would definitely go try on this adorable smile for yourself!

> C R E D I T S <

Hair >
Aviva 02 → Blondes < Truth (Truth Hawks)
Skin > Doll v2 → Crystal < Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)
Eyes > Celestial → Pitch < Buzzeri (eleri catlyn)
Mouth > Loud Mouth → Danika < Loud Mouth (brias stardust)

Top > Crop Top → Old Pink Stripe < Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)


Author: Kouralee

Hi! I'm Kouralee I love shopping, dressing up and taking photos ♥ Thank you for visiting ☺

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