Powder Pack January – What’s inside?

07115-77c696ec-f48f-4f3a-a328-07ef855dbca5Hey guys, I’m really late with this post but I have been dealing with food poisoning and as many of you know I have a little one and she had it too, which means double the trouble and ick! I’m back now and hopefully going to catch up with everything soon.

So as you know Powder Pack released it’s first pack on January 17th with so many goodies that I’m excited to show you. This might be an image heavy post, sorry!

#Adored0711b-4e03c20e-f05f-4188-ad4f-3d2504a0ad12#Adored included two items, a lipstick and eyelashes.  What is really kind is they included omega appliers.

Amara Beauty

I could not believe how gracious all of the designers in this pack were! Amara included not only lipsticks and eyeshadows but a new skin called “Julia” and included it in 3 tones with brow options to boot! This is definitely my favorite item from the pack. Julia was created for Catya if I’m not mistaken (I often am though) and I absolutely love it on mine.

Bold&Beauty was also super gracious to include a skin with so many options! I so loved the delicate lips and freckles of this skin and the thick brows. Those are my favorite combos!

Elysium blew me away with all the options and full range of skintones they offered with their skin “Mathilde” Don’t worry I’ll be showing looks made with these items soon!

Essences also included a skin in 3 tones with several brow options and body appliers.

Just Magnetized
I really loved the hair base from Just Magnetized, I always wear their set 03 and this one is so so perfect for middle parted hairs.


Modish included several gorgeous lipsticks and brows! I love collecting brows, you never know when you’ll want to switch up a look and new brows can do that easily.

What a doll to include so many items! Freckles, highlighters and lashes oh my!

Pink Fuel
Talk about a bold eye to go with that nude lip! Pink Fuel included an eyeshadow palette and a whole slew of nude lipsticks! She also included a second version of the eyeshadows which don’t use up the brow layer which I thought was really kind of her to do!

Slackgirl included some really fun eyeshadows that will be great for mermaid type looks!

Speaking of mermaid looks, Zibska included lipsticks and eyeshadows that would make any mermaid proud! I for one cannot wait to make some looks with these!

There was also a gift included by Kiss Me poses which I thought was really sweet! It is for bento hands and is exclusive to the pack.

Well that’s everything, some really incredible items this round and I absolutely cannot wait for the next round. Look out for more posts featuring items from the Powder Pack!
Thanks for reading,
Kouralee ♥



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