Powder Pack March – Looks

Powder Pack March - LooksHere are three looks I put together using several items from Powder Pack March edition!
I can’t wait to see the combinations everyone else puts together. Enjoy!


That’s all for now! If you forgot to subscribe before the 17th don’t worry, you can still purchase it but at a higher price on the MP.


All hairs are from Eaters Coma
All tops are from Evani
* = Powder Pack Items

Pic 01
Head: Catwa – Lona [Bento] V2.12 (my shape)
Skin: Amara Beauty – Brooke Beauty Kit (12 skintones, 18 lipsticks 9 shadows)*
Eyes: DeeTaleZ – Juanita Maria (2 eyes)*
Eyeshadow: Bold&Beauty – Eyeshadows (11 colors 2 layer options)*
Lashes: Okkbye – Amaris Lashes (2 lash combinations)*
Lipstick: Zibska – Belinde & Belinde Splice (24 colors)*

Pic 02
Head: Catwa – Lona [Bento] V2.12 (my shape)
Skin: Bold&Beauty – Taylor
Eyes: DeeTaleZ – Juanita Maria (2 eyes)*
Lashes: Okkbye – Amaris Lashes (2 lash combinations)*
Brows: Bold&BeautyNatural Brows (10 colors 2 tintable)*
Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel –  Queen Palette (16 shadows 3 opacity options & 2 layer options)*
Lipstick: Bold&Beauty – Natural Glossy Lips (Neutral color 8 tones)*
Highlighter: Bold&Beauty – Highlighter & Freckles (4 options)*

Pic 03
Head: Catwa – Lona [Bento] V2.12 (my shape)
Skin: DeeTaleZ – Juanita Maria Kit (2 tones 1 tattoo 1 eyeliner 1 lashes 2 lipsticks 2 eyes )*
Eyes: DeeTaleZ – Juanita Maria Kit (2 eyes)*
Lashes: DeeTaleZ – Juanita Maria Kit*
Brow Highlighter: Essences – Brow Bone Highlighter (4 options)*

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