It’s been awhile…

My last post was January of 2020 and we all know what a crap-show 2020 was for a majority of the time for just about everyone. It seemed to take more than it gave and that hasn’t stopped just because a new year rolled in. The pandemic has changed and shaped the lives of many in a way we weren’t really prepared for. It’s easy to see the bad in the world because there is so much of it, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how much goodness I saw going around. I hope we all remember to be kinder, more caring, compassionate, and understanding of one another. This is something I desperately need to implement more of in my life, I hope you will in yours.

I know this isn’t a Second Life related post but I just wanted to write what I’m feeling and if it does come across your screen, my hope is that it reaches you in whatever way you’re needing. Take care to tell the ones you hold dear just how loved they are.

That’s all for now.
With all sincerity,

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