Hi! My name is Kouralee, I love to shop, take photos, and blog!
I’ve been around in Second Life for many years now.
I came back to SL in 2012 and started fresh on a new account.
My passion for blogging was rekindled when I came back and saw mesh hit the grid
and realized how much more potential there was for designers and now bloggers.

I still blog out of pocket a lot and believe that all bloggers, new and old should do so.
We are here to show off our love of fashion and photography for all to enjoy.
I do not do this for the ‘perks’ alone. I blog because I love to blog.
Blogging is purely a passion and form of enjoyment for me,
but I do my best for those who graciously choose to sponsor me.

Any questions about review copies please feel free to contact me inworld at Kouralee Resident, and I will be glad to talk to you about it and see if it’s a good match!

❤ Kouralee


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