Catwa – Kimberly (bento) +Video

kim-face-1Catwa┬áreleased a brand new mesh head called “Kimberly” she is the second female bento capable head available at Catwa. With the ability to modify mesh heads now a reality it has been very fun and interesting to see the faces others come up with! I just wanted to give you a run down of her animations in both picture form and video. Please note that the shape you see is one of my own creation and not too far from Kimberly’s starting shape.

Kimberly Mouths
These are the six ‘static’ mouths she comes with. My favorite is No.1 and No.6

Kimberly Animations
I really loved the kissy faces and side eye, but my favorite is the first picture in this blog!
Now these were captured by pausing the animation and snapping the ‘end result’ of the animation, in pictures it is obviously not easy to show you the actual animation so I have included a video to quickly show you the adorable and seamless animations she comes with.


4 thoughts on “Catwa – Kimberly (bento) +Video

  1. I won’t lie, I’d kill to purchase this shape from you – I’m awful at editing shapes and this one is darling.

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